Magic or Masochism chicks are perfectly magical or have their asses teflon coated…or maybe its just some mystical slut ability they have….


I mean look at the edges on that finger-nail. I’ve seen less lethal looking meat cleavers yet these hot sluts can fingerjam all night long without lacerating themselves and going for embarassing stitches…magic

Gaping Guarantees

Y’know one of the cool things about They don’t fuck you around…


Usually I see a shot like this at another site, and it’s like ‘How do I know this slut is being fucked right?’ I mean the cock could be so far in her that it’s coming out her mouth and she’s definitely being fucked right, or it could be only the head in her and some loser with a four inch cock…at they guarantee that they have the beef and the sluts are being fucked right.

Finger Spam

Although this slut is pink and perfect in so many ways…for those solo times when she’s getting off, there’s one thing she’s lacking and hopefully one day she will get the e-mail spam that enables women to get what they need…


Something like this: “Are you tired of your short fingers not making it as deep as you want them to? Do you wish you could add an extra inch or two onto your finger size?!”…and so on.

Luke, I Am Yours

When my brother and I were little, we always bathed together while our mother washed us and cleaned us. We bathed together for quite a long time, longer than most siblings might have; therefore, we are quite comfortable with our bodies. I’ve seen him ..more.

My Cousin Kyle

Kyle was a short nerd of a kid who I really didn’t like. My parents both worked every day which left the responsibility to me to watch over him after school and during the week in summertime. We really didn’t get along to well at first but I noticed him ..more.


I took a vacation in Europe this year and before my flight back I had eight days left in Amsterdam, I checked in to a cheap room in the red light area, well it was cheapest area to stay. While there I visited the red light areas and thought it was funny ..more.

I Was Caught Too

I was 15 at the time, and like others here, had just come home from school. I was hot and sweaty and as I walked home I felt the familiar wetness and knew I would have the house to myself. I decided I would do something out of the ordinary and went to ..more.

My Bro

Let’s start by saying my bro and I were each adopted from different families; hence we’re not blood related. Anyways my recently divorced mom took my bro and I to the beach for a week one summer when we were in junior high. I remember feeling really ..more.

He Was My First

We used to go there on holiday every year. He ran the band and I thought he was gorgeous. A few years older than me, but to me at least, that didn’t matter. We would go for walks to the beach at night and at first, all he did was hold my hand as we ..more.

My Horny Uncle

I first noticed my uncle looking at me THAT way when I started to really develop around 15. Sometimes I would catch him just staring at me. At first I found it creepy, but I soon learned that I could just sit or move a certain way and he would go bright ..more.

Being Spied On

My kid brother is 14 and has just discovered his dick. I noticed he was spying on me whenever he got the chance. Yesterday, I was alone in my room with the door shut and locked and I was feeling horny (as usual) and decided to get myself off. I lay on my ..more.


I was in my room and decided that I needed to have a little funtime. Now, usually, I do this in bed, at night nder the covers and very very quietly. This however was at 4:00 in the afternoon. I went to my door and shut it. (There are no locks) I decided ..more.

Divorced Neighbor

This story is a little long, but I hope you’ll enjoy it.

My husband and I are generally naked or semi-naked when we’re at home. I’m an advertising rep and have to wear business suits to work. When I get home, I can’t wait to get all those clothes off. ..more.

My Aunt’s Barn

Soul baring time

The story linked here is so similar to one of my own experiences that I feel compelled to share.

When I was thirteen, my parents were spending a lot of time on their project out of town, and I was sent to live with my aunt for ..more.

Growing Up

I was a late developer, and I am still not exactly well endowed. I wear an A cup bra and let’s just say it isn’t tight on me. My best friend Helen is similar to me. In fact, that’s why we became such good friends. The other girls at school, more advanced ..more.

Me and Sam in Exams

This is a completely true story.

Let’s tell you a little bit about myself first, I live in Wales, UK. I have blonde hair with a pair of 36C breasts, I am quite skinny at a waist size of six. I am still a virgin and I have never used a dildo so I am ..more.

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