My Momma was in her 50’s when I was in my late teens. She had been divorced and had married Wes. I never knew then what those late night and early morning moans and grunts and squeals were until I had my first boyfriend. Looking back I could tell she was ..more.

Caught by Mom

Life was a bit lonely for me being the only child and I had got used to finding things to amuse myself so Mom was not surprised when I spent time in my room. I came home one day feeling so horny I went straight to my room and stripped naked. I lay on the ..more.

My Pussy

My Pussy.

I sit alone in my room, my hand wanders between my thighs and finds the slit I call my pussy. I love to feel myself, touch myself, pleasure myself, masturbate myself and look at myself in the mirror.

My pussy is like a flower on a spring ..more.

Penis Size Black Mail

I am male and I was 16 when this happened. I was just a normal guy that got good grades working hard in school. I played water polo for my school and I was never very athletic but I enjoyed being physically active and I worked out at the ymca a lot so I ..more.


Me and my friend are both in grade 10, 6 feet tall, fairly buff and have short brown hair and my mom let us have the house to ourselves one night and she stayed at her sisters. Anyways we were pretty pumped, bought pop and chips and rented some vids. I ..more.

Me and Cousin

Well; a little about myself. I’m 14, blonde hair, blue eyes, I’m bigger then average (in more than one way, aha): 6′, 170lbs (toned legs and arms), and 7.5″ and cut (Yeah, it pleases the ladies lol). My cousin Taylor (name changed) is 6 months ..more.

Finding Someone Else

Since sex is no longer an option at home, I have to seek other outlets for my constant urge to shoot a load. Finding another woman is too complicated and the last time I tried, I found a woman who wanted it as bad as I did, but I couldn’t get my dick ..more.

My First Time on a Beach

It was a very hot day a couple of years ago when I decided to take a trip down to the beach so that I could strip off. The beach has quite a few nudists that go there.

When I got onto the beach there was only four other nudists there who were already ..more.


When I first entered the workforce after college I had a roommate to share my two bedroom apartment in order to reduce my expenses. Ed was in his last year of college and worked a couple of part time jobs in addition to going to school. One of Ed’s part ..more.

First Time In Sex Shop

So, I first off have to say that this website is awesome.

I’m nineteen now and have been reading and jacking off to stories on this website since I was fifteen.

My story starts with me driving home from work one night at like eleven at night when I ..more.

July Heatwave

This happened a few years ago during the month of July. I had been friendly with John for several months, ever since he joined our school when his family re-located to our town earlier in the year. He had been to my house a few times and like-wise, I had ..more.

Health Club Steam

I belong to a fitness center that seems rather prudish-men cover with towels going to the shower and wear bathing suits or cover with towels in the steam and sauna. Last week, I noticed two guys sitting in the sauna on their towels rather than covering ..more.

Swim Team

I am a part of my high school’s swim team. I usually do short distance because I am a pretty fast swimmer. My high school is one of those laid back high schools that doesn’t really enforce rules. Another reason they are laid back is that sexuality is ..more.

Men’s Room

One summertime job I had during college was doing data entry for a company. My cubical was in a remote part of the building in the basement. The workload varied from day to day so to pass the time during I would read or look at a couple of porn magazines ..more.

In the Morning With a Friend

This happened over 15 years ago, when I, and my friends, were 24-25, and still single. It was completely unexpected from my point of view. It was the first of several experiences I had with some of my friends.

The three of us had been out bar hopping ..more.

Found Treasure

I answered the phone and it was my friend Nate in a wildly excited voice saying to get over to his house right away. Not sure what was up I did as Nate said and headed off on my bike to Nate’s house. He was waiting at the door when I arrived and we went ..more.


I had been jacking off regularly 3 or 4 times a week since I learned how good it felt. I was very curious to know if other boys my age (age 13) were also jacking off. I knew it was something that you just did not want to ask other guys. My best friend ..more.

With Him in the Bathroom

It happened right after school one day. I got a text message from this guy I knew, his name is Dave. It said “meet me in the ME (math and English) building bathroom right after school for a quickie. (just some background… We have known each other ..more.

Long Distance

Due to our professions, my wife and I travel quite a bit. We are both very sexual people, so when we are apart, we are both constantly horny with anticipation the entire time we are apart. We make the anticipation even more, by sending each other what I ..more.

She Finally Got Me Off

So Anna and I had been fooling around for the past month, but for some reason when she tried to jerk me off, she couldn’t make me cum. So finally one day while we were in my basement, I suggested that I masturbate myself while she watched, and then let ..more.

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