Me and Sam in Exams

This is a completely true story.

Let’s tell you a little bit about myself first, I live in Wales, UK. I have blonde hair with a pair of 36C breasts, I am quite skinny at a waist size of six. I am still a virgin and I have never used a dildo so I am ..more.

First Time

As I walked into the house I could hear moaning coming from the bedroom, I remembered I had left my roommate alone with nothing to do, I could hear her calling out my name. I stummbled into my room and shut the door, I plopped on the bed sticking my head ..more.


Me and my friend are both in grade 10, 6 feet tall, fairly buff and have short brown hair and my mom let us have the house to ourselves one night and she stayed at her sisters. Anyways we were pretty pumped, bought pop and chips and rented some vids. I ..more.

Me and Cousin

Well; a little about myself. I’m 14, blonde hair, blue eyes, I’m bigger then average (in more than one way, aha): 6′, 170lbs (toned legs and arms), and 7.5″ and cut (Yeah, it pleases the ladies lol). My cousin Taylor (name changed) is 6 months ..more.

Finding Someone Else

Since sex is no longer an option at home, I have to seek other outlets for my constant urge to shoot a load. Finding another woman is too complicated and the last time I tried, I found a woman who wanted it as bad as I did, but I couldn’t get my dick ..more.


When I first entered the workforce after college I had a roommate to share my two bedroom apartment in order to reduce my expenses. Ed was in his last year of college and worked a couple of part time jobs in addition to going to school. One of Ed’s part ..more.

July Heatwave

This happened a few years ago during the month of July. I had been friendly with John for several months, ever since he joined our school when his family re-located to our town earlier in the year. He had been to my house a few times and like-wise, I had ..more.

Three Times a Day

I love to sit down at the computer and edge for a while. My computer space is upstairs and I can see the front door which is a big glass slider. This morning I was jacking and pinching my nipples and my next door neighbor taps at the glass and smiles at ..more.

Unexpected Pleasure

Since I am a nudist, I spend all my time at home scans clothes. We have a privacy fence totally around both sides of the house and the back yard, pool, and a detached out building, which I use as my home office. This allows me to be nude in the house, ..more.

Helping Out My Mom

One afternoon my Mom needed some yard work done at her home. I got there about 10:00 in the morning and she and I started right in on it. We trimmed and raked and pruned and both of us were enjoying one another’s company. We eventually got everything ..more.


This happened today, my friend was working outside at a sale and she was wearing a very low cut shirt, she is very beautiful, perfect handful breasts. This is one of the most beautiful girls I know and I am continuously seeing her, and she has this thong ..more.

Long Distance

Due to our professions, my wife and I travel quite a bit. We are both very sexual people, so when we are apart, we are both constantly horny with anticipation the entire time we are apart. We make the anticipation even more, by sending each other what I ..more.

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