Hairless Harlot

Everybody has their kinks, from the straightest dudes to the most perverted, and from the most vanilla chicks to the most slutty ones…


This slut obviously has a no hair fetish as she gets down with these two hairless dudes and their shaved dicks, shaved heads and gets a tonguing before she gets another bald head up her butt.

Intense Interlude

Some afternoons those models obviously can’t wait for the action to start before they begin playing with themselves…


Wild and crazy Stacy here is known for her intensity and if somebody doesn’t stop her then her costume for this set is once again going to have to be changed.

Luke, I Am Yours

When my brother and I were little, we always bathed together while our mother washed us and cleaned us. We bathed together for quite a long time, longer than most siblings might have; therefore, we are quite comfortable with our bodies. I’ve seen him ..more.

My Cousin Kyle

Kyle was a short nerd of a kid who I really didn’t like. My parents both worked every day which left the responsibility to me to watch over him after school and during the week in summertime. We really didn’t get along to well at first but I noticed him ..more.


When I was I child my mother married a new man. This man had a son 2 years younger than me. In that period I was experimenting with girlfriends; I tried some but had not at that time found the one that I would like to have sex with or maybe I ..more.

My First Phone Sex

It all started back in December when I met this beautiful girl online in chat room, not usually my thing. As time went on we had so much in common and she became my girlfriend. When I first spoke to her I noticed how sexy her voice was, whenever I’m ..more.

Wet dreams

I quite frequently read contributions regarding wet dreams and would like to offer my "two cents."

I never experienced one as I learned to masturbate rather early when one day, while I was showering, I spent too much time soaping and ..more.

How I Started

When I was young I was always touching myself. I used sit on the couch watching T.V. whilst fondling with my privates. My Mum always told me off and said that my willy would drop if I kept touching them. This used to scare me to death and I tried to ..more.

At Hotel

I recently went to a hotel with my parents and since we were in a hotel room it was hard to get enough alone time to jack off. I went to the pool and the lifeguard was hot. Since it was only me and my younger sister who was in the shallow end and she is ..more.

At Work

Before I begin I would just like to state that I have never masturbated anywhere but home.

I am a cashier and the types of people that come there are just so mean and ruthless and your back hurts on top of that because I am tall and the register is all ..more.

Be Fucking Fit

America is the land of obesity and, souls of social responsibility that they are, want to do something about that and help make America the healthy wonderland it can be.


The next few months the weather will be good and people have no excuse not to go out for a walk to a secluded area at least once a week, get their funk on and lose some weight in the funnest way of participation there is.

Dynamic Diva Duo knows that sometimes when it comes to the pure sluts they have at their site just one wont do….not for the real satisfaction all their models crave.


Thats why these two leggy limber lovelies team up to enjoy this sunbaked stud and make sure they help each other maximize the pleasure they get…double your pleasure double your fun indeed.

Magic or Masochism chicks are perfectly magical or have their asses teflon coated…or maybe its just some mystical slut ability they have….


I mean look at the edges on that finger-nail. I’ve seen less lethal looking meat cleavers yet these hot sluts can fingerjam all night long without lacerating themselves and going for embarassing stitches…magic


I was in my room and decided that I needed to have a little funtime. Now, usually, I do this in bed, at night nder the covers and very very quietly. This however was at 4:00 in the afternoon. I went to my door and shut it. (There are no locks) I decided ..more.

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